• This should be adjusted up nice and flush with not a lot of room but not being unfair.

  • Remember that it loosens when they put their Head down to eat or drink,

  • There have been 2 unsatisfied Customers in 500 Sales and they were only from rubbing the Neck issues and then the design was modified and incorporated 'Kid Leather" which has solved that slight problem.

  • Oil Well to protect from Weather and keep nice for Horse

  • A Major Saddlery Chain has tried to copy this, made changes and it rubs Horses necks. The Miracle Collar has now been proved to not work adequately. Due to the continual copying of HP Saddlery inovations, we cannot disclose exact details of this product.

See the Proble Index for more help for Windsucking - Problem and Advice

I also find that adding 70g of Limestone Flour/day, split into each feed, helps enormously.

It is not just a 'boredom' vice either, but is learnt behaviour, as this photo shows. The foal is 3 months old, copying Mum. The windsucking collar (which obviously does not work) is not ours.



There are all sorts of Buck Stopping systems on the Planet, MOST CRUEL and especially the thin rope above the top Teeth!!  
We have been experimenting with this for Years and looking for a comfortable and kind option. We have successfully trialed this and believe anyone with a ‘Suspect, Girthy, Problem or Green Horse should own one. Think about your life, your health, your mortgage, and the possibility of being in a wheelchair.



After 12 months of testing here are just 2 examples.....Horse 1: was a Clients Horse that Bucked hard when the Buck Stopper was taken off but fine with it on. (during starting)

A Rodeo teaching Horse

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