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Meet John and Linda O'Leary of Horse Problems Australia


Inspired by the failure of the industry to manufacture long lasting, quality products, Mr. HP (Mr. John O'Leary) has combined top quality American leather, durable hardware, and Australian stockman know how to provide a line of products built to stand up to starting and training a horse..... from shetland to clydesdale... over and over. 


Mr. John O'Leary is devoted to the education of beginner riders/owners, green horses and the safety and protection of both by  

developing the World's Best Training system and exceptional quality training aids for the horse and rider. 


Many of the products include Mr. O'Leary's free E-book and educational materials.


John O’Leary founded Holidays on Horseback in Australia and escorted some 57,000 riders on these over a 15-year period. He also founded High Country Trails, which is still operating at Normanville and has been since 1975. John also founded and built the Beachside Caravan Park at Normanville. He named the “Southern Fleurieu Pensinsula, formed the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula Tourist Association, was the Fleurieu Regional Tourists Association President and on the State Committee. He gifted the Name to the Victor Harbor Council some Years back.


He has had around 25,000 horses through his hands as a trainer and re-educator and has been a career horseman for 38 years. Other interests have taken his fancy from time to time and he has designed and lectured at T.A.F.E colleges , consulted to the R.S.P.C.A., Consulted to the State Government in matters of the sale of crooked horses and has been an expert legal witness to lawyers for a number of years. He had studied law for 7 years earlier in his life.


Apart from being a horseman, John is a horse dentist, farrier and a Government accredited workplace trainer for the Equestrian Industry. In 1996, John and Linda purchased the Gainsborough Equestrian Centre and named it after Uncle Alf’s place as he has passed on.


He owns and runs Horselaw Australia which will see Law Firms in each State represent the Horse Industry in matters of the law relating to horsesman and co 2012 His latest challenge is the Manufacture of the Worlds best Horse Floats, designed after Thousands of injured Horses he has rehabilitated during his Career.


His wife Linda (his right arm) is an Equestrian Federation Coach and has herself ridden over 10,000 individual horses. John ranks her as by far the best educator of the young horse in South Australia, possibly in Australia. She is an NCAS. E.F.A. Coach. John and Linda have been Together for 26 Years and he met her when he sold Her the first Horse.


Mr. HP introduces his lovely wife, Mrs. HP:


I am privileged to write about my wife. Very few people know just how good she really is as she hides her true talent. She will hate this article if she finds it.


Quite simply, I have never met or seen another person with the talent, knowledge and finesse to be able to train or re-educate the young, green or problem horse like Linda can. She is World Class.  She has ridden  around 8,000 young horses and has competed at the Olympic Dressage Level on a horse that was destined for the abattoirs.


Should you have a particular Dressage Training problem that perhaps your Coach cannot put the finger on, I suggest that you look at her new range of DVD's. I would be amazed if she could not help you considerably or at least point you and your Coach in the right direction. Her wide knowledge of fixing the more difficult problem comes from the fantastic experience of riding so many difficult horses. You can not learn this from books, video tapes or clinics. The horse is the worlds best Coach.


Linda is Dutch and trains with Adelinde Cornelissen (Dutch Olympic Team)


2007  Selected to the State Dressage Squad.


2015 Linda is currently #1 F.E.I. rider with Horse of the Year for 2015/16


Remember, one idea can change your progress dramatically and she can now train you Online.


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