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Mouthing the Horse
If you read no other word on this site, please take the time to read and comprehend this page.  It could save your life.

It is well within the capabilities of most amateurs to mouth their own horses using the method shown in the Mouthing DVD. The English method of 'Mouthing' can NEVER get a 10/10 mouth on a breaker - a mouth that gives to the weight of the rein alone. To feel a mouth like this is something most people will never experience - it is a joy - and this system can achieve it.


If your horse has a sub-standard mouth, ie.a hard mouth, lateral resistance, buck, bolt, rear etc. it is possible to re-educate his mouth using the method in the Re-Mouthing DVD. (This DVD should NOT be used for mouthing the breaker! you want the Mouthing DVD for that.) You can never get a 10/10 mouth on a horse which has been mouthed already, but you can improve it beyond belief, even on older horses.


I have improved a 20 year old Welsh Cob from a 2/10 mouth to an 8/10 mouth in only 2 weeks using this method.


Hardly known in Australia and not known Internationally, this mouthing system is, quite frankly, the secret to John O'Leary's success. It is THE ONLY mouthing system on the Planet that can put a 10/10 Mouth on a young Horse.


This system will give the amateur the tools to do what most Professionals can't do and offers most Professionals a 'career changing opportunity'.


As always, The Mouthing and Re-Mouthing DVD's are produced with the Novice in mind and explained in a step by step manner so that they can completely understand, without the 'buzz words' and hype that is common place these days. Novices may mouth and re-mouth their own horses, better than most horse breakers and trainers - and regularly do.

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