Ideal for mouthing using HP systems and for riding GREEN and newly broken horses.

The HP Relief snaffle works each side of the bit independently and the mouthpiece has been curved more so as to reduce uneven bar and tongue pressure further.

It is a vastly improved version of French Link with no pinch and a wrap around, not nutcracker action.

Puts even pressure across the barrel on centre of tongue and collapses just enough to wrap outer lip and bar.

This bit is ideal for young horse in early stage of training, learning to bend and balance.

One of the main reasons, apart from the removal of the 'Nut Cracker Effect" of jointed snaffles, why Horses prefer the new designs, is that they can manipulate the location of the Bit Sitting. (especially with the Barrell Design) This aids in keeping the Bit away from the Main Nerve in the bars.

Breaking in Bit - Full Cheek Snaffle