Innovative, slender bridle design for maximum horse comfort.

Anatomically correct, curved, padded headpiece for maximum ear pressure relief, particularly important for wide ear-base ponies and cobs, who often have problems with other bridles.

The wide 'Over the poll' headpieces on many of the 'Anatomical' headpieces don't conform to a lot of horse's  head shapes. They may give clearance at the BACK and BELOW the ears, but pinch at the top, as they are too wide for the poll space!

Others, normally the very expensive ones, have enormous padding at the poll and noseband. Padding INCREASES spot pressure, it does not remove it!

Our headpieces are the only ones that address this problem, as they are only 1" wide at the poll and the padding is the minimum to add comfort, NOT pressure!

Soft, padded, simple Cavesson noseband which hangs from the headpiece itself. This eliminates the 'Ridge' pressure and 'Base of Ear' pressure caused by noseband headpieces which run either under, or over the bridle headpiece.

The Saturn bridle, features a removable throatlash, which simply slides onto the cheekpieces.

It also features a softly padded browband which is cleverly shaped so that it lies flat across the forehead, vastly reducing side pressure at the base of the ear. It has press stud fastenings, making it quickly and easily removable, or changed WITHOUT the need to take the bridle off the horse. This fastening also vastly reduces the 'Bulk' of the browband loop at the rear of the headpiece, where a major nerve cluster is situated.

The Saturn bridle is Handmade using only the finest, butter-soft Italian Leathers.


Available in Black or Brown in Cob,Full and X Full sizes. 


Saturn Bridle

Cheekpieces: Pony 7", Cob 8", Full 9," X-Full 10", (all not including the Hanger Buckle, leather only when the bit is attached.)

Browbands: Pony 14.5", Cob 16",  Full 17",  Full Plus 17.75", X-Full 18.5"

Headpieces Split to Split: Pony 11.5", Cob 13", Full 15", X-Full 17"

Noseband Adjustment: Pony 20" - 24", Cob 22.5" - 27.5", Full 24" - 29". X-Full 26" - 31.5"

Throatlatch Adjustment: Pony 15" - 20", Cob 20" - 25", Full 21.5" - 27", X-Full 23" - 29"


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