Invented by Horsemen for Horses!! The product is not pictured to prevent design theft.


This should be adjusted up nice and flush with not a lot of room but not being unfair. Remember that it loosens when they put their head down to eat or drink. Oil well to protect from weather and keep supple for the horse.

There have been 2 unsatisfied customers in 500 sales and they were only from rubbing the neck issues and then I altered the design and incorporated the 'Kid Leather" which has resolved that slight problem.

A major saddlery chain has tried to copy this, made changes and it rubs horses necks!!! The Miracle Collar has now been proved to not work adequately.


Just wanted to say thank you again for donating your windsucking collar to Grace. She is doing MUCH better. I put it on loosely to begin with and did it up a hole at a time so she could process what was going on and give her body a chance to wean off the endorphins. Now she's on the tightest hole I could go and doing really well. She seems happy for the first time since she's been here and it's like she's suddenly rediscovered the joy of food! She's finally stacking on weight and everything is looking really good.

Thanks so much.

Jo :)

Joanne Schoenwald
President/Founder, Charlie's Angels Horse Rescue Inc

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FULL fits warmbloods down to Galloways.
PONY fits those smaller than FULL

The O'Leary Windsucking (Cribbing) Collar