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Titan Anatomical Bridle for BIG Horses

Titan Bridle Range

The Titan is an anatomically designed bridle for horses who are beyond X-Full or who find X-Full bridles are on the last holes.

This bridle is guaranteed to fit the biggest heads, yet still provides the same comfort as our Saturn and Scorpio range.

Made using the finest Italian Butter-soft leathers.

The padded headpiece has 3 straps, enabling a wider headpiece design which suits bigger heads. It features a longer cut-away ear design, giving maximum room for long ear-base horses.  

The noseband, which hangs from the headpiece, is also long enough for the largest horses and has a padded Chin-Pad at the rear for maximum horse comfort. This is fully adjustable for size, by way of noseband straps either side which buckle onto the Chin Pad.

The shaped, padded Browband is our Quick-Click design and can be removed or changed without the need for removing it from the Horse.


Buckle Fastenings.


Titan Bridle

Cheekpieces: X-Full 10"", XX-Full 11" (all not including the Hanger Buckle, leather only when the bit is attached.)

Browbands: X-Full 19.5", XX-Full 21"

Headpieces Split to Split: X-Full 17", XX-Full 18"

Noseband Adjustment:  X-Full 26" - 31.5",  XX-Full 27" - 33"

Titan Bridle