The 'Dressage Position' Stock Saddle


Designed with help from a top dressage rider, the HP Swinging Fender Australian Stock Saddle is the ONLY one for sale in the UK that will automatically put you in the correct Ear/Shoulder/Hip/Heel position for balanced riding. All other Australian Stock Saddles have the stirrup bar placements too far forwards making the correct position difficult, if not impossible.



They keep you MUCH safer and more secure in the saddle!


Invaluable for nervous riders.


Protect the horse from the problems caused by unbalanced riders - sore backs, sore mouths and Veterinary issues.


'Ralide' Polymer, lightweight tree with innovative 'HP' additional features that allow the saddle to adapt to your horse's particular shape (cannot disclose due to competitors copying his intellectual Property).


4 New Dedicated Trees - Standard, Medium, Quarter Horse (wide), Clydesdale (extra wide).


ALL Australian Stock SADDLES will be Special Order and are handmade, so allow 6 to 8 weeks from order to shipping.


You can pick your personal design modifications, colours, tooling, etc.


Available in 4 different basic seat sizes and made to fit the riders measurements.


Base Price: $1,695.00 per package plus shipping.  That includes the neoprene anti galling girth, neoprene anti-slip pad, stirrups, rear cinch and billets, and latigos both sides.  Shipping is at actual cost, no handling fee.


Please contact HorseProblemsCanada for assistance so your saddle is exactly what you imagine. We will custom build you a saddle that will make your horse and your bum happy.





Rider Position and Why it is so IMPORTANT

HP Australian Stock Saddles put you in the CORRECT position to maintain balance, whilst also keeping you safer and more anchored in the saddle, thanks to the deep seat and the poleys, which lock your thighs into position and help prevent you falling off both over the front and out the side door. They give amateur riders much more ability to stay in the saddle during unexpected spins and shies and increase rider confidence enormously.


As one rider reported, "I myself survived a split second, 180° spook, spin and bolt attempt on a young TB, in one of these Aussie saddles. My companion, who was riding behind me, could not believe that I was not thrown! He breaks horses for a living and his words were, "WOW, You don't deserve to be still on board!!""


They provide amazing 'Stickability' and a lot of riding accidents would be prevented if riders used these Australian stock saddles! If you have confidence issues, are worried about falling off, or are a nervous rider you NEED one of these! Imagine sitting on a flat seated dining chair with someone trying to push you off. Now imagine sitting in an armchair instead...That is the difference in security between English and these saddles. Safety features are incorporated into every modern product design, but English saddles are the same basic design of 150 years ago.


Unbalanced riders and riders whose saddles force them into a 'Chair Seat' cause all kinds of problems and pain for their horses. The saddles force riders to hang onto the horse's mouth as they try to maintain balance, ruining the mouth, day by day.


Riders whose GP saddles force them into a 'Chair Seat' position have too much weight on the loins of the horse, causing pain, strain and eventually, Kissing Spines and Sacro-Iliac problems.

Top of the range Australian Stock Saddles also force you into a CHAIR SEAT

This is one of the Top Selling Stock Saddles in Australia. These saddles, made in Australia, retail at over $3,000 new, but just look at the position of the rider. All her weight is on the horse's loins and she is forced, by the saddle design, into a dreadful Chair Seat. The fenders are hanging vertically, as they must, but they are attached too far forwards on the saddle, making a Chair Seat the only possible position for this poor lady - She is no longer able to be responsible for her own balance. Her poor horse has to compensate for that. All traditional Australian Stock Saddles are like this.



HP Australian Stock Saddles are the ONLY ones to have addressed this problem and put you in the correct position, responsible for your own balance and freeing up the horse's back so that it can round up and carry you without strain or damage.




Riders who try to attain the balanced Shoulder/Hip/Heel position find that they cannot keep a still and quiet lower leg as it swings around, trying to find an equilibrium which is impossible. Most riders and their coaches blame the rider for the problems, when it is not their fault and usually simply the result of BAD SADDLE DESIGN - even with the very EXPENSIVE makes!

This is the position that almost all Aussie saddles put you in:

Another badly designed, 'Top of the Range, 'Market Leading' Australian stock saddle.The poor rider has no chance to balance at all as the stirrup bar position is too far forwards. The lower leg is then pulled forwards and the rider has to tip forwards to compensate. Every time she loses her balance in this unstable position, the poor horse gets jabbed in the mouth and banged on the weak loins. No wonder that he is going 'hollow' and in a false frame. Look at the tension in the rider's arms and shoulders - her instructor was probably yelling at her to "Relax your shoulders and sit up!" - but she CAN'T as she has to brace her body and hang off her horse's mouth in order to balance at all!


Look at the heels coming up too - yet another symptom of bad saddle design. The lack of balance forces the calf muscles to grip and up comes the heel...

Here, Heather Moffet (Enlightened Equitation) gives a brilliant demonstration of how bad saddle design can make it impossible for a rider to achieve a good, balanced position in the saddle.


It shows the reason why correct stirrup position placement is essential for any saddle - A balanced position, (where, if they took the horse away from underneath you, you would still be standing on your feet) gives Stability to the rider and Ability to the horse.


WARNING - All GP saddles have the stirrup bars too far forwards and you will NEVER be the rider that you COULD be, if you ride in one!!

HP Stock Saddles eliminate these problems and put you into a balanced position - effortlessly.


The photo on the left compares the Wintec Stock Saddle rider position with JohnO'Leary in his HP Saddle in front.


They are also very comfortable for female riders as they have no narrow, hard 'twist', like many English style saddles - a 'Twist' which is often exactly where you don't want the pressure!


Put your 'Self-Emptying'  GP saddle on Ebay and buy our Australian stock saddle - you won't believe the difference!



Slipping saddles are a common problem for roly-poly ponies with forward girth-lines and round tummies.   Most ponies are ridden in GP saddles here, and in the UK. GP saddles are often not suited to the shape of Ponies, Cobs and 'good-doers'.


The girthing points are too far back for forward girth-line horses and ponies, causing the girth to have to be at an angle when fastened and 'pulling ' the saddle forwards as the pony moves. 

This is inevitable if the first girth strap is not positioned as close to the point of the tree as possible, as the saddle WILL move forwards, so that the girth straps are pulled to hang vertically.

















The saddle is pulled forwards onto the shoulders - and sometimes onto the neck, when the pony puts its head down.

The Girthing Points on HP Stock Saddles are in the forward position which suits all horses.

The Rear Cinch on HP Stock Saddles completely solves the problem of saddles tipping over the pony's shoulder.




This is also very common if the horse does not have defined withers or is in fat condition.

Cobs, Draft cross, and barrel shaped quarter horses are notoriously difficult to fit as they not only have flat backs,and low withers, but they have wide spines as well and most saddles have a gullet that is too narrow to accommodate them.


The result is that the inner part of the saddle panels then rests on the spine itself, causing instability and the saddle slips whilst mounting and on corners, etc.  This is VERY dangerous, as the saddle can slip around the body if the horse spooks or spins and the rider has NO CHANCE of staying on-board!


HP Stock Saddles have a wide gullet and broader panels. The Rear Cinch stabilises the rear part of the saddle - where the 'Slip' begins - and the HP Anti-Slip Saddle Pad helps to stop saddle movement altogether.


Horseproblems Australia have NEVER had a single issue with saddle slip, using the rear cinch and HP Non-Slip saddle pad. 




















Aussie Stock Saddles need to be fitted to both the HORSE and the RIDER. You cannot simply go out and buy one or it will NOT keep you secure - it needs to be made to fit your actual hip, leg and height measurements.

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