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What's the System?



This dual system, using both Running Reins (Vienna Reins) for lunging and round pen work and the German Martingale for ridden work, has evolved and been perfected during the training and rehabilitation of Thousands of aggrieved Horses. It works 100% of the time:

  • Builds topline, strengthens hindquarters in sound horses

  • Balances the horse, both on the lunge and in ridden work

  • Fixes many latent Rear End unsoundness issues

  • Diagnoses unsoundness issues that Vet's and  Horse Professionals cannot get to the bottom of

  • Assists greatly with resistant and poor mouthed Horses.


The Running Reins lunging system comes with 45 Pages of Proof of the system and across many Horses and instructions on how to use it.


The German Martingale (Market Harborough) Comes with a 145 Page E-Book and two Videos on the correct use of and fitting of the equipment.


Before                                                                                         After

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